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Welcome to our first blog!

We will share everything you babes need on this ‘’babes’’ page.

We will start with the most important aspect of our brand and why WILDBAY SWIM is founded: ‘’Our mission is to better the world via recycling where we make the luxurious swimwear affordable.’’ We think every company must have ethical values these days. We live in 2019. Every company must contribute to help to earth in every way that is possible.

‘’A healthy world that lays the foundation for the future’’.

This is our biggest dream. We strive and work for it every day.

Our fabric is made out of a luxury recycled fabric called VITA. This VITA fabric is made from pre and post consumer waste. The main composition is carpet fluff and fishing nets. The fabric is made through the ECONYL® Regeneration System. All the waste that is no longer useful will be recycled. Instead of throwing waste away, it will be regenerated! The system has also other big benefits:

  • It uses less water than the normal way clothing is made
  • The CO2 emission is less
  • The system uses less energy
  • The system doesn’t work with crude oil

We only work with ECONYL® regenerated nylon babes! If you want to see how everything is made, below you can find the video with the amazing CEO of Aquafil, Giulio Bonazzi.

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