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I have created the 3 best bikini fits for each body type. I thought about how to create styles that are not too much covered, so there will be not too much whiteness after the sunbathing. I got you babe!


The WILDBAY bikinis of the first collection:

  • The perfect fit. All the bikinis fit perfectly to the body
  • Focus on quality over quantity. I know how hard it is to find a great fitting bikini. I created the perfect bikinis
  • The colours are simple and perfect for everyone: black, white, a soft pink and a dark green colour
  • Pads in the tops, so the tops are also perfect for the smaller boob
  • The white bikinis have a double layer, so it will not be transparent


Some facts of each style


Designed for the girl who loves optimal minimal

  • The top is perfect for the smaller and the big boob. You can easily make it smaller and bigger
  • Because the top has a bit more fabric than a normal triangle top, it will give the smaller boob a bit more volume
  • The bottom has a great shape to the butt. It has a very small fit. If you are in between sizes, you should go a size up. It gives your butt a really nice shape. It can be easily wear high waisted



Designed for the girl who loves to be extra

  • The top has a padding
  • A great tie top. If you tie the front tighter, you can create more ‘’boob’’. Perfect!
  • The back of the top is different from other tops. It gives the top that ‘’extra’’ vibe
  • The shaped bottom is high waisted and has a really nice shape to the butt. You can’t be wrong in this bottom. It is just really nice for everyone!



Designed for the girl who loves a classy vibe

  • The top is padded and has a small push up
  • The classy vibe: gold clip, shoulder bands more to the side, a small V between the boobs, a nice small push up
  • The bottom is made for women who loves a bit more coverage.
  • If you are in between sizes, you should go a size up with the bottom
  • You can wear the bottom high waisted
  • The band is elastic, so it is a bit tight. That is why you should go a size up if you are in between sizes.


All of the styles are made out of recycled nylon. Recycled swimwear is one of our highest values. Recycling is the future, join us babe!


If you have questions about the styles, just send me an email/DM!




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