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WILDBAY SWIM - making sustainability affordable

The integration of sustainability with our swim range

We make high quality swimwear and we want to make every woman feel sexy. We also think being fit and healthy is the best way to feel sexy. That is why we want to intergrade sustainability with fitness. We provide all of our babes with fitness workouts and tips via our social media. Our vision is our biggest dream: ‘’A healthy world that lays the foundation for the future’’.

Our main business is the material of the swimwear. ECONYL® is 78% regenerated nylon fibre from pre and post-consumer waste (nylon scraps / ghost fishing nets and carpet fluff). Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been lost, abandoned, or discarded at sea. They are responsible for killing millions of marine animals like sharks, rays, bony fish, turtles, dolphins, whales, crustaceans, and birds every year. The other 22% is spandex. 

The ECONYL® fabric has such a good quality and is so soft. It retains its quality for a very long time and it fits to the body perfectly. We ship the products in recycled boxes. These boxes are made by a company that makes the world better place. They use recycled carton and make the boxes customized. Two new trees are planted for each felled tree. Also, we try to keep the packaging as minimized as possible. If we use a card for example, it is made out of recycled materials. All of our communication items are recycled.

We want to be a part of the revolution towards a better future and we want to lead the way for other companies to have more sustainable values.

The people

Being good for the world is also being good and kind for each other. We contribute to the health insurances of the employees of the factory and their families. We visit them when designing a new collection. Currently we are making a page about our suppliers, so you can read about their day jobs. We love to be as transparant as possible. 

WILDBAY SWIM - making sustainability affordable
WILDBAY SWIM - making sustainability affordable

The integration of sustainability with our intimate range

With every intimate order you place, you will support the nonprofit organisation called Healthy Seas #fromwastetowear. WILDBAY will donate 5% of the profit to these amazing initiative takers! An other way of contributing to a sustainable world.

 With every 50 cents, Healthy Seas recovers 100 grams of fishing nets from the sea. With the donated amount they can finance new boat rentals, breathing gasses, knives and other gear that is needed for the cleanups. Our swim range is made with a fabric that is produced out of these nets. Please note that the fabric that is used for these intimates is a different one. The pieces are made out of polyester. I believe every brand needs to take responsibility. Especially the big brands who can really change lives.

We also ship our products in biodegradable bags. You can learn more about it here. Put it in the ground, earth will love it.

Please think of the sustainability when ordering multiple sizes. Please check our size guide for advice, or send us an e-mail.