Super easy oatmeal cookie

This super easy oatmeal cookie recipe is well-known and is such a good addition if you don’t eat enough carbs. I personally love it, because I need a high carb intake (318 grams) and sometimes it is hard for me to eat enough of it. In almost all the cases, carb is the macronutrient you need the most. Some people say: don’t eat carbs, you will get fat. No, you don’t get fat of eating carbs. You will get fat of eating too much calories and not burning enough calories (calories in versus calories out).

However, eating refined carbs may lead to rapid spikes in your blood sugar and often contain little to no fibers. This combination leads to fast digestion and a release of insulin in the blood. This will leave you with an unsatisfied feeling and a crave for more. Go girls, I present to you the super easy oatmeal cookie:


12 small cookies

5 minutes preparation time

20 minutes baking time



Macronutrients (total)

882 calories

22,9 grams of fat

147,8 grams of carbs

18,5 grams of protein


Macronutrients (per 1 cookie)

73 calories

1,9 grams of fat

12,3 grams of carbs (yasss love it!)

1,5 grams of protein


What do I need for this extreme delicious oatmeal cookie?

120 grams of oatmeal

2 bananas

(some chocolate sprinkles 30,33 grams)

Baking paper


Ofcourse you can add more ingredients, but we like it easy and simple. Not only because it is a quick recipe but it also saves you some money


What is the quickest way to make this cookie?

It is just too easy: blend the bananas. Then mix the oatmeal with the bananas. Break some chocolate in pieces and mix it with the rest. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes on 200 degrees. It is normal that the cookies will be a little bit softer.


I will post another blog about the macronutrient ”carbs”. If you are done reading and only want to buy your dream bikini, go for it: GO TO HOMEPAGE




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