WILDBAY SWIM - making sustainability affordable

WILDBAY SWIM is available in sizes XS, S, M and L

For all in-between sizes, it is recommended to go up a size, rather than down, due to the elastic nature of the bikinis.

Please make note that body sizes and proportions are always different.


For a bottom size guideline, please measure your upper hips and lower hips. The measurements below are not the actual swimwear measurements!

Upper hips

Size XS  – hips 77 – 81 cm

Size S    – hips 81 – 84 cm

Size M  – hips 85 – 88 cm

Size L    – hips 90 – 93 cm

Lower hips

Size XS  – hips 84 – 88 cm

Size S    – hips 88 – 91 cm

Size M  – hips 92 – 95 cm

Size L  – hips 97 – 100 cm


The sizes are not totally different of the delight top. They difference 1,5 cm on the length and width. 

Size XS/S – buste 77 – 87

Size M/L – buste 83 – 97


The top has a small push up and padding in it. The size guideline above is not a guarantee, due to the fact that each body is different. The guideline is also based on the fact that you have properly measured your own bra size.

Size XS  – bra size 65A, 65B, 70AA, 70A

Size S – bra size 65B, 70B, 75A, 75B

Size M – bra size (75B), 70C, 75C

Size L – bra size 75C, 70D, (75D)


For the shaped top it is all about your buste measurements. This is the sizing around the ‘’highest point of your breast’’. Measure yourself with no bra or a thin bra. The measurements below are not the actual swimwear measurements.

Size XS – buste 78 – 80 cm

Size S    – buste 82 – 85 cm

Size M  – buste 87 – 90 cm

Size L    – buste 90 – 93 cm

WILDBAY intimates size guide

Size guideline WILDBAY intimates