Last September we made a 3-week trip to Bali to shoot de collection of WILDBAY SWIM and some other great content. We enjoyed every stay so much. The price / quality ratio was just insane and I really wanted to share this with you. Most of the stays are not low budget. I would say average budget.

  1. KANO CANGGU, Canggu

We stayed here for 2 days to discover the city and had some business meetings. For 2 nights we paid 132 euro. The stay is so beautiful with beautiful woods, amazing shower and the perfect decoration. They have a few rooms so the stay is very quiet. If you want to make some gram photo’s, this is definitely the place to be. The people who work there are so kind and lovely. Would come back for sure. Canggu itself is very busy, but the vibe is really nice. We didn’t like the ‘’popular beachclubs’’ because they are super crowded and extreme expensive.

Stay: 9

Canggu: 6,5



This hotel is beautiful! For 3 nights we paid 172 euro. There is so many nature and the pool is very nice. It was a very good price, because the hotel was super close to Dreamland beach and also on a 15 minute’s drive from the shoot location. The breakfast was not amazing (lots of Chinese food), next to that it was noisy sometimes. Uluwatu was really amazing. The surf vibe is just really nice and peaceful. Would definitely come back again. You can drive to so many great beaches on your scooter. I really like hidden beaches and that is really what you can find in Uluwatu.

Stay: 7

Uluwatu: 10

  1. Surya Kembar Villas, Ubud

Super luxe, quiet  and clean stay. Would definitely recommend this one. The gardens are beautiful and the breakfast is also very good. Everything in the villa is made out of recycled wood, so that is a perfect combination with WILDBAY SWIM. For 3 nights we paid 312 euro. Ubud is super busy, but you really need to see it. We discovered a super nice restaurant (in Holland it would definitely got a star). It is called: Twist Ubud. We ate 3 nights in a row there because it was so insane!

Stay: 10

Ubud: 9

  1. Narayana Homestay, Amed

We stayed in the Narayana Homestay, because we wanted to climb the Mount Agung. For 2 nights we paid 53 euro. The stay was super clean, with air conditioning. Also the people who worked there, were very friendly. The stay was very quiet and we really enjoyed sleeping at the pool after the climb. The price/quality ratio was for sure one of the best we had. Amed is a place for backpackers, but there are not much restaurants or bars.

Stay: 10

Amed: 6


  1. Blue lagoon Avia Villas

Need a place to live in optimal luxe for a really good price? Go to Blue Lagoon Avia Villas!! For 5 nights we paid 765 euro (excl. breakfast). You will get a private pool which will be cleaned daily, the rooms are so super clean, really nice beds, and a (half) outdoor shower and the best thing: your breakfast is at the Blue Lagoon!! Would go back anytime. The views are so amazing and you can watch the sunset on the clifs. You can chill at the pool when looking at the Blue Lagoon. Nusa Ceningag is very quiet, but there are a lot of daily excursions you can participate. There are some beaches to go to, but not very nice ones. With a scooter you can make a tour around the islands.

Stay: 10

Nusa Ceningan: 7

  1. Akaya Bali

We only stayed in Sanur, because it was close to the airport, but the vibe really surprised us. For 2 nights we paid 106 euro. There are some really good restaurants, but we didn’t see much because we did the quality control of the collection for 1,5 days. We stayed at the pool to chill and read mostly. The restaurant of the hotel is really good (but a bit expensive). The stay was super clean and all the shampoos etc. are biological. They really paid attention to the small details. Loved it. I don’t know if I would come back, because it was in the middle of the center and there was not much to do at the stay.

Akaya Bali: 9

Sanur: 7,5


Let me know what you would like to see more on the blog xx

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