Maintain muscles losing weight

An interesting topic if you would like to lose some weight. But how to maintain your muscle when losing weight?

First of all, if you have read the Serious Glute Gain Guide* I created, you can see how to calculate your daily calorie and macro intake. You also find out the grams per calorie within each marco: fat (9 calories per gram), protein (4 calories per gram) and carbs (4 calories per gram). If you would like to lose weight, you need to eat less calories. Try to take it slow if you find it hard to switch. For example, try to eat 1 week 100 calories less, in week 2 200 calories less and in week 3 300 calories less. You can also go a little higher up to 500 calories.

So, what to do?
  • Eat less calories (for example 300-500 calories less)
  • Eat more protein and less fats. You need protein to maintain muscles, so because you will be eating less calories, you need to eat more protein.
  • Frequent physical activity helps get rid of fat. If you lose weight without exercise, you’re more likely to lose both muscle and fat. It is important to keep your workouts going! Research showed that the effect of calorie restriction in combination with training  prevents muscle loss.
  • Don’t go crazy on low carb schedules please. If you know what you normally eat (the calculated amount of calories when you want to maintain your current appearance), just reduce the amount of calories.
Some smaller tips that you need to consider:
  • Give yourself some more time to recover between each workout
  • Try to have a good sleep at night
  • If you find it hard to eat ‘’right’’, try to eat your protein first. First things first : )
  • Don’t know what food to eat to get your protein in? Here is a vegetarian list of protein sources (because we all need eat less meat)

Maintain muscles losing weight



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