Creative ways to eat more vegetables

Eating vegetables is extremely important. Vegetables are rich of nutrients and antioxidants, which boost your health, help to get a clean skin and help fight off disease. Health authorities around the world recommend to consume several servings of vegetables each day. How? Find a creative way to eat more vegetables! Some people find it hard to prepare them in an appetizing way. Here are some creative ways to consume more vegetables:

My five tips

  1. Choose a simple vegetable you like (like tomato, cucumber etc) and make it mandatory for yourself to eat a small proportion a day
  2. Try to eat scrambled eggs at least one time a week. This is one of my favs because of the protein and vegetables. I really recommend this meal. Put some onion in the pan, then add some spinach from the freezer, then add some tomato. After the spinach is melted, add some eggs. Mix it. I like to put some cheese over it for extra protein and fats. You can eat in on a bread with some yogurt.
  3. Veggie burger!! Seriously, go look for one you like and it will be one of your favorite meals! Eat it on a bun/bread with some yogurt on it and some pesto.
  4. Blend it into your smoothie. Choose for example some spinach from the freezer. Then your smoothie will be cold because of the ice and you have your vegetables
  5. Make a vegetable soup. This is really easy to make, choose for example zucchini.

Of course there are also things like bell peppers, cauliflower rice and guacamole. Tips like these are also very effective, but for me the above 5 work the best.

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